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Campaigning for laughter in the Referendum countdown

3EDEFA16-4861-4C95-84CE-0B60F21AC847We’re needing laughter, folks.

The last few days of the Referendum are here, and everywhere are intense feelings. No one in Scotland is talking about anything else. Conversations are woven from serious emotions: hope, uncertainty, fear, irritation, anticipation, frustration, defensiveness, distrust, excitement, doubt.

These are the emotions of the attachment system. We have a country where all the citizens’ attachment systems are on red alert. Our internal teddy bears are working overtime.

It’s not just Scottish attachment systems, of course. They’ve been heightened across the whole of the UK – because it has become clear to everyone in the British Isles just how significant this vote is. The decision to be taken on 18th September has the power to formally change the character of the United Kingdom forever. That’s a point that the news this evening is describing as “hugely enormous”. The intensity metre notches ever upward…. Continue reading

Scotland’s Finest Asset: Banter

SBL-logo-strap-med“Scotland’s finest asset: Banter.” These are the comments of Willie Rennie, Member of the Scottish Parliament, included in the press release that went out yesterday in advance of this Friday’s national event: Scotland’s Big Laugh.

For anyone who has missed the news, Friday 24th January marks Scotland’s Big Laugh. The event follows on from last year’s, held on the same day in five city centres across the country, only this year it has a truly national twist. The core hosting team of Starcatchers and Suzanne Zeedyk Ltd are joined by Hearts & Minds – the Clowndoctors and Elderflowers who bring hope and laughter to children in hospital and to elderly people with dementia. We were delighted when Willie Rennie joined in by asking if he could put forward a Parliamentary Motion on the event!

A Parliamentary Motion on laughter? Is the man serious? Yes! That, in fact, is the point of the whole event, captured in its slogan: getting serious about silliness. Continue reading